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Blue/gray Kitchen Decor

blue/gray kitchen decor

Ocean Marble Personalized Glass Cutting Board – Monogrammed Blue and Gray Kitchen Decor – Wedding or New Home Gift – Rectangular or Round.

It’s the color of the sky and of the ocean, which is likely why there’s something innately tranquil about the color blue—and why it’s such a natural hue for the heart and hearth of the home.

Navy cabinets feel sophisticated paired with marble counters, while periwinkle appliances have a playful edge. Or you could upholster a banquette in azure, or tile your floors in ultramarine. In each of these 40 blue kitchens, the shade is used in smart, innovative and deeply comforting ways. It’s a blue moon but in a good way.

After a rough start with a shipping problem, my stickers arrived and are beautiful. I’m installing them now on an older kitchen backsplash and they look wonderful! SO like real tiles!!

These are very nice so far. The turner cooks well – the tapered edges make it easy to chop food in the pan. Dishwasher safe, and they look to be in fine shape still after several washes. If the metal handles were only magnetic, these would be perfect.