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How to Decorate Kitchen Countertops

how to decorate kitchen countertops

We know all about your marble kitchen countertop dreams. They were once ours too, but hear us out: There are so many gorgeous options to choose from—zinc, concrete, and even raw wood—that by the time you get done with this story, you may be rethinking your ultimate #KitchenGoals (though we obviously included a fair share of marble options because as we all know, some dreams never die). No matter how formal or relaxed you want to go, whether you want something practical and stain-resistant, or something so luxe it’s outrageous, you’ll find it on this list of the best kitchen countertops.

The first consideration you’ll encounter when contemplating kitchen countertop decoration is how much countertop space you need to decorate. For an extensive countertop design—one that wraps around several walls in the space, for example—you may need more decorative flourishes, or even have an opportunity to create separate decorative areas.

For a smaller counter space—one or two sections only, for example—you may only need a few subtle decorations to make the countertops an inviting and attractive element of your kitchen design.

Lighting is another feature you can add to kitchen countertops to create warmth and visual interest in your kitchen design. Recessed lighting can be installed in the countertops themselves, or you can add rope, task or accent lighting to help illuminate darker areas under the bottoms of cabinets or in corners.