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Ideas for An Extra Bedroom

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Bonus Room Design Ideas for Your Home’s Flex Space. DIY Projects. Or an extra bedroom to accommodate guests?

Ingenious Ideas for Using that Extra Room in Your House. Idea #1: Home Office Space. A home office can be a valuable tool for almost anyone. Idea Guest Bedroom People Will Use. Idea Library/Reading Room. Idea: Music Room. Idea Planting Room. Idea Art Studio. Idea Playroom/Toy Room.

Read on for some useful spare room ideas and think about your space in an entirely new way! An attic nook for lazing and/ or quiet contemplation. ID. A bedroom for the children AND a future guest room. ID. A media-room for leisure. A reading room. A living room-cum-recreation room. A home-gym. A minibar. A home-office.

These spare room ideas will inspire you to make the most of that extra room in your home, be it a home gym, guest bedroom or even craft room.

Sometimes the extra room you’ve always wanted is right under your feet. See more homework station design ideas in Inspirational Homework Areas.

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An extra bed is never a bad idea, but letting an empty room go to waste the other 51 weeks of the year seems like a shame. Maximize yours.

Let’s say you have an extra room in your house and you’re not sure what to do I really like the idea of having an in-house room to store plants.