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Modern Kitchen Stainless Steel Appliances Decor

modern kitchen stainless steel appliances decor

It should come as no surprise to you that these days that kitchen stainless steel appliances are by far the most popular for kitchens. Check out our data chart and table below for precise figures.  Of course, there are pros and cons to stainless steel kitchen appliances.

This lovely kitchen is predominantly white that makes the gray surfaces of the countertops and flooring stand out. Among these stand-outs, are the stainless steel appliances and fixtures that solidify the modernistic theme of the kitchen.

The modern three-door fridge and oven are both embedded into the large wooden structure connected to the L-shaped peninsula that has a white countertop that emphasizes the stainless steel dishwasher beside the sink area.

The stainless steel microwave oven is embedded into the hanging cabinets and shelves over the white countertop of the L-shaped peninsula that contrasts the green backsplash tiles in a brick wall pattern.

The large two-door fridge stands out against the white shaker cabinets and drawers of the kitchen that has a white coffered ceiling with four skylights over the white kitchen island that is paired with four white leather stools.