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Moose Decor for Kitchen

moose decor for kitchen

Shop for moose decor, lamps, and moose gifts at Black Forest Decor, including cabin accessories and another wildlife decor.

I love this utensil crock. No, it doesn’t really match anything in my kitchen, but every time I look at the bear and moose, I get a smile on my face. The crock is solid and roomy, so it holds all my utensils, and I never knock it over. Mostly, I like it because it’s unusual with just the right touch of whimsy.

These are perfect for our home. The largest rug is a nice size and the runner is also perfect. The smallest rug is just that, very small, but it’s great that it comes with the package for the price. the only thing I did not like about these is how they slide around if you place them on tile or wood floors.

Luckily only one of my rugs is on a slick surface so we will have something to go under the rug to prevent the rug from slipping. Other than that these are perfect for decor for the price.