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Shared Bedroom Ideas for Adults

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Currently, we are both sleeping on separate air mattresses in the bedroom. My online search for design ideas for a two adult shared bedroom proved futile.

Storing or selling your current beds and purchasing pieces that work in a shared space is best. To open up floor space, opt for a bunk bed with a queen-size lower bunk and a twin top bunk. To keep the room open for play during the day, purchase a larger bed with a trundle.

A desk between beds adds functional space for getting homework done. This beach house guest room is little, but clever small shared bedroom ideas make it feel spacious. Use light and bright colors when putting together a shared room where guests will stay.

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms, a close-up of a pillow in If the shared room is for two adults, the decor plan is still just as important.

Laughing crying playing fighting. A shared sibling bedroom is a beehive of activity and needs. And that means there’s a lot for parents.

Designs that prove a shared bedroom can be stylish stories are a notorious nightmare to decorate and often end up cluttered messes.

Jump to Shared Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms there are countless cool bunk bed ideas that can fit your needs! A great space-saving tip is to find kids.