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Sophisticated Boys Dorm Room Ideas

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If you are going to have a dorm room, you need to decorate and personalize it somehow. a glam dorm room is done with sophisticated metallics and enamel accents boys dorm room in black and gray tones could also be quite stylish.

Freshen up your drab dorm room with new design ideas, storage tips, and dorm room essentials from the experts.

DORM WALLS Many of the guys I know love to hang flags on their walls. This creates cool mood lighting when the sun shines through and can also help to cover up some ugly parts of the wall. You can obviously find flags from any state or country, but I love it when the flags are more personal.

Take a page from these dorm room ideas and design a space where you can And even though it might look super sophisticated and serious.

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DIY Ideas. Hanging Branch Photos. These DIY photo hangers work well in a dorm room and cost next to nothing. Creative Wall Hanging. Coaster Fun. Easy String Art. Vinyl Clock. Washi Tape Door. Washi Tape Photo Frames.

A dorm room might be your teen’s first space to decorate on their own. Because of this, they’ll want to go all-out with dorm room wall art and furniture.