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Spa themed Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Explore Spa Inspired Bedroom. See more ideas about Spa-inspired bedroom, Home Bedroom, and Bedroom.

Natural Colors. Use cool colors. Increase the spa-like feel of the room with a cool color palette that features blue and green. Bed Textiles. Incorporate simple bedding. Minimal Clutter. Organize the bedroom. Water Fountain. Add a water fountain. Spa Accessories. Incorporate Zen spa accents.

Decorating a Spa-Like Bedroom. Remove the Clutter. Nothing kills a tranquil atmosphere like piles of junk spilling out of your closet or sitting on top of the bureau. Create Clean Lines. With the clutter gone, look for ways to add and emphasize clean lines. Choose a Soothing Color Palette. Soft Lighting. Luxurious.

If you have space, a chair, or even a small stool, makes a bathroom feel more spa-like. In designer Victoria Pearson’s Ojai, California home.

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